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About Denplan payment plans 

Denplan payment plans are provided by Denplan, part of Simplyhealth, the UK’s leading dental payment 
plan specialist. These payment plans take a preventative approach to dental care and, with their unique 
and wide-ranging support services, have been looking after dentists and their patients for over 30 years. 
Denplan enables patients to budget for private dental care while taking a preventative approach to their 
oral health. As the only customer-facing brand in the payment plan market, Denplan is one of the most 
recognised in the UK. 
Denplan customers receive the best possible service from a UK-based call centre from the moment they 

How does a Denplan payment plan work? 

A Denplan payment plan is tailored to you. There is no reason to pay for work you don't need. Why 
would you? With a dental payment plan from Denplan, your dentist projects what treatments you are 
likely to need. The treatment costs are set out and you pay a monthly fee to cover the work. 
As long as your dentist offers Denplan and any previous work has been complete, you'll be able to sign 
On the first visit to your chosen member dentist, they will examine your teeth to make sure you’re 
dentally fit. Your dentist will discuss the findings with you, set a bespoke monthly price and agree the 
As soon as you receive your welcome pack, you'll be able to receive treatment. 

The benefits of Denplan 

Oral health advice - providing guidance on how to prevent dental problems 
Set payments - split by month, allowing you a clear view on your private dental care costs 
Regular check-ups - arranged trips to the dentist to keep your teeth and gums healthy 

Your Denplan dental check-up 

Here are just a few of the things that your dental team does while you’re in the chair: 
Checks your jaw joints 
Looks at your occlusion (bite) 
Assesses you for infections, including your tongue and gums 
Checks you for oral cancer by feeling for lumps in the jaw, neck and throat 
Records measurements of your gums to assess for gum disease 
Examines your teeth for caries (tooth decay) 
Offers oral health advice, tailored to you 

Denplan Essentials – our maintenance plan 

What is Denplan Essentials? 

Denplan Essentials is an easy set-up maintenance plan. You pay a monthly fee that covers a set number 
of treatments, including dental check-ups, dental hygiene visits and dental x-rays. You can sign up 
quickly and easily even if you have outstanding treatment. 

What does Denplan Essentials include? 

Dental check-ups (frequency decided by your Dentist) 
Dental hygiene visits (frequency decided by your Dentist) 
Dental x-rays 
Preventive dental advice and therapy 

Why choose Denplan Essentials? 

Encourages you to attend regular dental visits 
Allows for you to budget for routine oral care 
You can join your practice easily by signing up online (Discretional to Dentist) 
Simple to set up with no patient assessments required 

What’s not included with Denplan Essentials? 

Restorative dental treatments. (Such as fillings, crowns, bridges or dentures, lab fees and 
Any treatments your Dentist has excluded from your plan contract 
Referral to a specialist and specialist treatment 
Orthodontics, implants and cosmetic treatment 
Sedation fees 
Treatment carried out elsewhere 
Extraction of wisdom teeth 
Please remember that routine treatment is at the discretion of the dentist and the contract is with the 
dentist, not Denplan. 

Denplan Supplementary Insurance 

What is Denplan Supplementary Insurance? 

You have the option to add Denplan Supplementary Insurance to your Denplan payment plan, giving 
you worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover. The insurance also includes a 24-hour 
worldwide dental emergency helpline 
Denplan is a trading name of Denplan Limited, an Appointed Representative of Simplyhealth Access for arranging and 
administering dental insurance. Simplyhealth Access is incorporated in England and Wales, registered no. 183035 and is 
authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential 
Regulation Authority. Denplan Limited is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission for General 
Denplan Limited only arranges insurance underwritten by Simplyhealth Access. Premiums received by Denplan Limited are held 
by us as an agent of the insurer. Denplan Limited is registered in England No. 1981238. The registered office for these 
companies is Hambleden House, Waterloo Court, Andover, Hampshire SP10 1LQ 

What's included with Denplan Supplementary Insurance? 

You can claim up to £450 for temporary emergency treatment in the UK, when you're more than 40 miles from your registered dental practice 
You can claim up to £470 for temporary emergency treatment abroad 
You can claim cover towards treatment costs for a dental injury 
Mouth cancer cover 
Access to a 24-hour worldwide dental emergency helpline 

Why choose Denplan Supplementary Insurance? 

Protects your oral health even when you’re away 
You can claim up to £450 per incident for emergency treatment. Up to a maximum of £900 per claiming year 
You can access our 24-hour worldwide dental emergency helpline when your practice is closed 
Making a claim won’t affect the cost of your insurance 
Terms, conditions and other exclusions may apply 

What's not included with Denplan Supplementary Insurance? 

Treatment when a you are within 40 miles of your dental practice 
Routine dental treatment 
Dental injury treatment more than 18 months after the date of the injury 
Terms, conditions and other exclusions may apply 
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